Our own dogs had a good time at home. To our great pleasure Beate and Tumle moved in to our house and took care of everything, while we were abroad. Misty did not like food at all, but Beate made her start eating again while offering Misty Pizza no. 5 from the local grill!
Now Misty is eating again, and dogs-food is mostly OK. It takes a lot of food to be able to raise a whole litter in only nine weeks.
Lately we have had much snow around here. To day we enjoyed a beautiful sunny weather and did a nice walk in the fields around our house. We must not forget to exercise Misty, so that she can be in good shape to her litter, due to be born on March the 10th.
Misty and Birte (upper + left) in the snow. The four of them (above): Magnus, Misty. Meggie and Moonie enjoying a walk on a sunny February-day.
Moonie catching the camera-lens. Meggie wondering what's going on.
Misty (above) carefully running in the snow.. Right: Magnus standing, while Moonie with tail and Meggie are going homeward.
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