Jenny Joice was asked to judge the 35 year anniversary show for the OES Club in Denmark. This is her choise of best bitch and best dog.
A long weekend from march the 30th to april the 4th was spent speaking english in Denmark.
The OES-club had its 35 year anniversary including sightseeing, party and show.

Two of our friends from England, Lyn and Sue, arrived thrusday afternoon. But in the meantime Jenny Joice from England phoned us telling she was asked to judge the Clubshow. She was to come instead of Joan Real whos sister was seriously ill. We picked up Jenny at the airport in Copenhagen late that night, but did not see our beds untill some hours later. We had to speak of dogs - of course!

Saturday we alle went shopping and later on had a typically danish lunch at our place. In the afternoon we did a sightseeing in bus around Copenhagen. 25 people and 15 OES saw the Lille Mermaid and a boattrip on the Copenhagen canals. We arrived hom just in time to change clothes and go to the OES-club dinnerparty.

Sunday was show-time! Jenny judged 28 entered dogs (se the results at the OES-club homepage). There is a tradition for some dog-and-trainer-entertainment, and there was live music, beautyfull flowerdecorations and carpets on the floor. Nice place for a dog-show!
Monika from Sweden had come to watch the show together with the OES-owners Monika, Elisabeth, Lotte and Lasse. After the show they, Sessa and Erwin and we had lunch at our place.
It seems that the swedish people are very fund of food, because the had brought a lot of swedish specialities. It was quite a rendevous in scandinavian cooking for our english friends!

Birte had a present to Sue, because Sue is always taking very good care of Jean Gold, who is not very well. Birte made a short speach at the table saying that Jean Gold actually is the reason to our friendship

across borders. We all have the love to Jean and her Rolingsea breed in common.

Monday morning we drove Lyn and Sue to the airport very early in the morning (night!). Jenny went to se some dog-massage and a new born OES-litter at Torben and Liv. In the evening we went to Birgitte and Lisas place, and tuesday Jenny took off for Stanstedt.
It was very nice to have all the OES-lovers at our place. We did a lot of dog-talking, showed and disgussed pedigrees etc. Danes, swedes and english.
It was a perfect, long weekend for all of us.

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