Lammorick Ocean Magic with Lene handling left) and Lammorick Suzy Sunshine with Lyn handling (right).
Once again SAS tempted us with low prices on airplane-tickets! And good friend Lyn tempted by offering us a place to stay and transportation to Birmingham, where Crufts takes place.
Birte and daughter Lene were not able to avoid the temptations! Here is the story:
Wednesday morning we flew to Heathtrow airport. Lyn picked us up and took us to her and husband Ray's wonderfull home in Weybridge, close to London.
Lyn and Ray have five OES. Eldest is 14 years old, youngest 5 years.
We enjoyed watching the dogs play in the garden. No problem at all for the two veterans (14-year old and the 11-year old) dogs to join!
Sue Jones, Lyn, Sue and Lene at ringsite. Y'Lookalike aus dem ElbeUrstromtal and Bahlamb's Benevolent Bretheren. Photo: Tina Rød
Thursday was spent in London. Springtime was there with pleasant sun and flowers in bloom everywhere. And we had lunch in an outdoor café.
Friday it was showtime. We took off very early to Birmingham and met with Sue Noyce (Misty's breeder) in the huge showring. Sue brought two dogs to the show.
The judings began at 9 oclock AM and lasted to 15.30 PM. Judge was Christine Bailey. very concentrated she judged all dogs and placed them in order of her personal taste. 143 OES entered Crufts this year. 17 of theem came from abroad. This is the largest amount of foreign dogs on a british show ever since England opened their border for dogs.

Indeed the foreign dogs did well - many were placed in the different classes.

Manrose Power Of Love from Switzerland was no. 1 in Post Graduate Dog.
Best OES bicth at Crufts was multiCH Y'Lookalike aus dem Elbe Urstromtal from Belgium, while best dog was the only one from Scandinavia, swedish owned multiCH Bahlamb's Benevolent Bretheren (Lance). He was very charming and perfectly handled as well as perfectly groomed. He was placed as best OES at Crufts. Furthermore he did no. 2 in the group.
The englishmen we spoke to were pretty nervous for the foreign competition. But with Lance as winner, they all agreed, he was a clever choice.

Congratulations to Lance's owners, Per and Ingela from Kennel Dizzny in Sweden!
Lene in Lyn and Ray's garden, together with their four dogs. Early spring in London - outsite cafélife.
Because of an operation Sue was not able to show her own dogs in the ring. So she asked Lyn and Lene to.
In "Special Puppy Bitch" class with 9 dogs Lammorick Suzy Sunshine with Lyn as handler was no. 3. In "Post Graduate Bicth" class with 19 dogs Lammorick Ocean Magic with lene as handler was no. 4.
It was a perfect day. We enjoyed meeting lots of friends bringing their wonderfull Old English Sheepdogs. Saturday morning we returned to denmark. In the airport we were welcomed by own families and dogs.

Many, many thanks to Lyn who made it possible for us to have so many wonderfull experiences!
London Eye with Lene in front. Birte enjoying the sun in the middle of London.

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