It appered to be the last day of summer. This day Iris and Tumle from our I-litter had their debut in the show-world.
The two well-kept puppies did nicely in the ring and got red ribbons (which is 1. price) and 'very prommissing'. In the next competition Tumle was best puppy.
Then it was time for the grown ups. Only three dogs and six bitches were entered. Me-Too was the only junior and was best with CC. Later on she was number two in the final bitch-class standing next to the champion-bitch, and then she got the desired certificate - only 11 months old.
Iris in the showring. Tumle in the showring.
Tumle beated Iris in the final puppyclass - but both were very beautiful and had a nice day.
Me-Too just before entering the showring. Lene with Me-Too running in front of the swedish judge.
Bitch-class with Me-Too as number two next to the champion-bitch.

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