The danish OEC-club recently started five days of agility in Sorgenfri close to Copenhagen. We went there with Moonie, Søs came with Smilla (Moonie's sister) and Sessa came with Dusty (the H-litter).
Here the dogs have the opportunity to play on the training-ground in relaxed conditions. As with Moonie it was her first time doing agility - and she really loved it.
11 OES have been on the agility-ground each evening - which is really something. Besides some other breeds have joined us in the agility.

On the pictures you se Birte and Moonie (right) and then to the right Søs and Smilla. Alle doing the agility.

Above Anne Tinning with Sally.
The two upper pictures show Dusty getting on.

Then its is Johnny Nielsen with his dog Becky.


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