While Maise had puppies, Birte took Alonso to agility on Lyngby Stadium. The OES club has these evenings once a week summer long.

This has given him a break in a time where he could easily have been forgotten in all our puppy-work. He has really enjoyed the agility. Yet still a young dog and some of a barker, when he cannot run after the other dogs, he has got to the point of it. Actually we think he is quite good at agility.

He is only nine months old so his bones are not fully developed. That’s why Claus, the agility-teacher together with Gyrithe and Hans Ove, has taken very care of him not to jump too high or to run slalom. That would have been too heavy for his bones.

The other night we also brought Maise. The puppies are gone and it was time for here to have other things to think of.
Maise enjoyed running agility and enjoyed that something else happened for here, now she had no longer puppies. She also enjoyed discovering that her puppy, Mulle, was actually out there to meet the huge agility tools.
Totti from our L-litter was also there.
Birte helping Alonso over the tall "A".
Alonso doing a low jump.
Mulle from the M-litter and Totti from the L-litter.
Mulle and big half sister Tooti had a good time.
Mulle on her way to the tunnel.
But Gyrithe had to crawl in to help Mulle through.
The big"A" is not for little puppies, but it was OK for Mulle to see what it was all about.
Gyrithe tempting, while Hans Ove assures saftety.
Kennel Blue Berry mainsite
Birte with Alonso and Maise meeting Malene with her OES.
Maise was happy seing Mulle again.