Moonie (in the water above with Lunte and Victor + Bodil) has been on vacation at family Falch on Ærø, and last weekend we went to take her home. Very suitable, since Lunte (J-litter) had 1 year's birthday, which was celebrated on Ærø as well.
Lunte, Maise and Magnus in the water. Right: Magnus and Misty with Rasmus and Birte. Below: Lunte and Victor swimming.
Ærø is a small paradise on earth. Simply the ferry-trip to the island is special. You relax an get in holiday-mood. And you can enjoy the beatifull views on the small islands.
In Marstal, where family Falch lives, Moonie had a real great time with Victor (from her own litter, the I-litter) and Lunte. She fitted in perfectly and had her own places to sleep and her own habits with walks and meals.
We brought our remaining three dogs, and it went perfect putting them together with Moonie, Victor and Lunte.
Family Falch took us to their home with great hospitality. And of course there was taken care of the dogs.
There was also time for a trip to a beach nearby. The weather was fantastic, so both we and the dogs went for a swim in the sea. Lunte turned out to be a real master in swimming, while the others only walked out in the sea and got their stomacks wet. But Victor seemed to be a slow starter - soon he was also swimming just like his little brother.
In the evening Christina did a nice birthday-cake due to Lunte's birthday, so he was celebrated.
Lunte's litterbrother Anton, who lives in Münich, was also celebrated by his family. He got steaks - which is his favorite meal. We were told so on an email, when we arrived home.
We only spent a couple of days on Ærø, but it felt like a whole week of vacation.
We enjoyed the stay there that much.
Victor and Lunte in the garden, while Magnus is watching. Right is Victor. Below is Lunte running fast. And to it's right is Lunte behaving himself (on his back) for Magnus, while Maise is watching.
The weekend ended with the familyphoto! From left it is Maise, Misty, Magnus, Moonie (in full coat), Victor and Lunte.
Moonie's coat had grown a lot lately, and she was not pleased with that in the hot summer. So we decided to cut it short when we arrived home. She really enjoys it now, and was very happy when she was also put under the shower and got really pretty teddylike!
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