They were three years old the 24th of august the lads from Meggies first litter, Blue Berry's G-litter.
Now it may be a bit difficult to get the whole litter together. One is living in Belgium, One in the southern part of Denmark. But since we kept Moonie, and Søs and Poul with Smilla are living close to us, we did with a 'mini-birthday-party'.
Søs and Poul invited to lunch after a walk in Geels Forest, close to where they are living.
Tina and Silas were also invited and the same was Sessa with Dusty from our H-litter. It was a perfect birthday-party for dogs as welll as for humans.
The weather was perfect, and Søs had created a super lunch which we enjoyed on the terrace. Poul served the surprise of the day: A huge doggy-cake covered with paté, meatballs and other goodies for dogs!
Just take a look for yourself belove!
(Above) Moonie and Dusty.
(Right) Silas did very well on the fairly long walk in Geels Forest. We gave him some breaks now and then - and it was good for him
(Above) Poul served the delicious doggy-cake, that Søs made. The dogs seemed to be very interested in the goodies.
(Right) Søs and Birte on the lawn with Moonie, Smilla, Silas and Dusty.

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